We Still Want To Stay Connected!

Thank you for a very good response to the Contact Survey. We still believe there are some of you who have not either opened the first email or chosen to respond. So, here is your second chance. Plus, we will be personally reaching out to those who unsubscribed to the reunion event and who we know wanted to be there. Our efforts are to give all a chance to be included.

If you want to be included in the contact survey and have not given us your information, click this LINK TO THE SURVEY.

What are we working on now?

Soon, you will be receiving another email that will direct you to our website. You will be given a password to enter a protected area. From there you will be able to see the full video with music that was presented at the reunion. You will also see the talks that Debbie and Frank gave during the reunion.

Next, we have pictures from the photographers. These will be in the password-protected area as well. One thing is clear. We have gotten older and many of us don’t look like our pictures from high school. We are working on a way to have people identify who is in the pictures. This could get to be fun.

Another area we are working on is a section that will honor those who we either know or strongly suspect having passed. Our apologies to Gary Haigh (who was at the reunion) and Barry Cuerdan (who was not and who we have since spoken to) for mistakenly being on the list. We have confirmed that it is Walter Haigh, not Gary, who has passed. We newly found Kim Barrington Osborne as having passed.

Many of you saw the tree with the picture ornaments of those who have passed. We have those ornaments and will make them available to their families. If you know the families of anyone who has passed, please reach us via email by clicking this LINK TO LET US KNOW HOW TO CONTACT THE FAMILIES. We will follow up with them.

Finally, some people have requested to know more about the lives of graduates. We are looking at creating a bio section where you can input your stories. Also, thank you for the positive comments classmates shared with us regarding the reunion.