Reasons & Considerations

As we approach this milestone reunion, it seems normal to question whether you want to come. Our guess is each of us has our reasons and considerations as to why we don’t want to go. Consider that the six inches between your ears are a dangerous place to be. In that space, we can create reasons that don’t exist and consider them valid.

Let’s face it. We are about 70 years old. It’s no longer about looking good in front of others. In fact, here is a consideration. That person you see for the first time in 50 years is also wondering what you think of him/her. They have their considerations as well. At 70 years of age, nobody is looking good.

Also, whatever happened in high school was over 50 years ago. Today, we are all new people with a shared past. It is the shared past we are celebrating. It is the history we have created since high school that is also being celebrated. It is the fact that we have made it this far that we are celebrating.

So, leave those reasons behind. Leave behind that we no longer “look good” or “as good” as we once did. Leave behind those thoughts, reasons, and considerations you may have had about coming to this reunion, this celebration of our lives, this acknowledgment of who we are. Do what is there to do and come to this celebration.

It is less than three weeks away. It won’t come again. It is time to break out of our homes and take on the new future we are creating.