Or at least have some fun conversations, listen to music, take a picture or two, see some old friends, and even make new ones.
Reservations are coming in faster as we get closer to our reunion. Choose to be part of it. San Diego is opening up. Herd immunity is getting closer to reality. The event planners and resort are taking precautions to make your experience safe and rewarding. Your 50th reunion does not come up every year. THIS IS IT!

Our event is a totally outdoor event on Saturday and both outdoor and indoor on Friday night. We will be socially distanced. Plus temperatures will be taken at the entrance. Our own face masks with our High School logo on them will be given to each person at the reunion.

There will be music, dancing, drinks, food, a lot of room to spread out, fist bumps, some hugs (maybe), a photographer, and fun. Wouldn’t it be great to reconnect? Make your reservations now by clicking the link below.
Yes, I am going to my 50th high school reunion because I want to go.
On Friday, for those golfers in the crowd, a golf group is being put together. Don’t miss out on the fun. Let us know if you are interested in joining by clicking the button labeled GOLF below. Put Golf in the subject and tell us how many in you party. We will get back to you with details.