COVID-19 Update

The Reunion is ON!!  

 Dear Fellow Patriots:

       I hope this is finding all of you and your families healthy and safe from Covid-19. I am sure you are wondering what is happening with the upcoming reunion scheduled for July 31-Aug 1.     Here is what we have at this time. We have been in conversation with the Resort General Manager. His last email to me was as follows: “The plan is to proceed as scheduled and as health mandates permit. We are waiting on a vote from the County of San Diego on 4-29 to assess any restrictions or compliance we may need to take into account. We sincerely want to host the event as planned.” This is all very positive.       

The good news is that we are an outdoor event. Safety is at the forefront of the event. We will continue to be in communication with the resort and discuss any alterations to our event area that need to be made to make it a safe event for all.

Please continue to make your travel plans to attend and make airline reservations if necessary. You can keep informed at the following:




We will now honor the discounted price as the permanent price for entrance to the reunion on August 1st.

Permanent Prices will be as follows:
Friday Golf Event  July 31 $115 per Player
Friday July 31 (casual mixer) $25 per person
Saturday Aug 1 (Cocktails and buffet dinner) $60 per person.


We look forward to having a great turnout in a safe and healthy environment! See all of you Patriots this summer!

Should you have any additional questions or need more information, please email us at

Thank you,

Debbie Wolpers Fornaca and the reunion committee