March 21, 2020

My Fellow Patriots 

I trust this finds all of our classmates and families safe and healthy. I know there is a huge concern with everyone regarding the COVID-19 virus that is circulating at this time. We are still 4 months away from the reunion and I am thinking positively that by July 31, 2020 the need for social distancing will be lifted. I have been in contact with Singing Hills. If we do need to push back the reunion to a later date she will work with us to find that date. We will have a reunion !!!!

We also have our event booked in an outdoor venue. We are closely monitoring the official guidance from health authorities, local governments, and the World Health Organization in order to support the health and well-being of our global community. Please leave your travel plans set for now. Our Elected Officials and many others are working hard to fight this thing and we are doing better than many other countries. The airlines will need your business after all the dust settles. I will be in contact with all of you if there are any changes. If you have not signed up yet please feel free to do that to obtain the discount. We will keep you updated with any changes. The date can always be pushed back if necessary. 

Please check out these links if you have not already done so: 
Our Facebook page is

The event page is

Be strong, take care of yourselves and your families, and stay healthy, Patriots!!!!! 

Debbie Wolpers Fornaca and the Reunion Committee